COVID-19 Project

With social distancing comes a lack of opportunity to play with my pals. I've committed to creating at least one video per week with either just me or in collaboration online with my music family. Each has a video and downloadable MP3. All songs by me unless noted.

Someday After a While (Jun 30, 2020)

A favorite from our Wicked Trio set list, we added a few more layers than you get with a live performance. Composed by Cesta Ayers.

Manha de Carnival (Apr 21, 2020)

Luiz Bonfa's classic Bossa Nova from the movie Black Orpheus. This was a wonderful collaboration with Lars Johnson - vibes, Scott Lariviere - bass, and Kareem Sanjaghi - drums.

Les Blues - Wicked Trio (Apr 11, 2020)

The first collaboration in the COVID-19 Project. My Wicked Trio bandmates Scott Lariviere (bass, keys) and Kareem Sanjaghi (drums, phone) each recorded their parts separately at home. Les Blues is a Yardbirds-influenced tune I wrote in 1979 about a guy in a dead-end life in a factory town. Glad I didn't end up there.